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"what’s your gender"

*opens a folder titled “pictures of cool dragons”*

Amazon headcanon
Outsider:So what do you do with the boys?
Amazon:The what?
Outsider:The boys! When a boy is born, do you kill him? Leave him out to die?
Amazon:We hurt none of our children in this way. What is a boy?
Outsider:The ones that would grow up to be men.
Amazon:There are no men among the Amazons.
Outsider:I mean...what do you do with ones who have, you know...*gestures to crotch*
Amazon:*oblivious* What?
Outsider:THE ONES WITH PENISES! What do you do with them?
Amazon:Nothing. Why? What do you do to them?
Outsider:Well...raise them to be men, I guess.
Amazon:There are no men among the Amazons.


NEW: cisgender ally bingo card!


i’m really indecisive about my brush settings so i’m almost constantly changing them lmao, but uh!
here are some of my current settings



laverne cox is well on her way to becoming one of the most important, inspiring feminist icons of our time don’t even look at me if you think differently.



I will be giving away the ENTIRE wardrobe to a male and female character in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app game!

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zomoid, female!!

"She warned us against becoming a movement only for white middle class people, this was 41 years ago, and today, so much of the ways in which LGBT equality has played out has been about white middle class people."


Laverne Cox talking about Sylvia Rivera


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So a lot of you used to know me by my old URL Slut4Satan, but due to a stalker I had, I had to change my url for safety reasons. I lost a lot of followers because people did not realize it was still me. So I am doing a giveaway for all the people who have stayed with me and still enjoyed my blog, and also hopefully get some people back who I used to be friends with who think I have disappeared.

I am doing a giveaway of some pretty beginning feminist literature, its for people looking to find out more about feminism/relationships/sex positivity. Consider it a starters kit to feminism. Im also including some sexy fun so you can practice your new sex positive attitude <3

  • Full Frontal Feminism
  • What You Really Really Want
  • The Feminist Porn Book
  • The Ethical Slut
  • Double Dong Vibrating Dildo
  • Wanachi Vibrator Wand
  • 4 Trojan Condoms. 2 Her Pleasure. 2 Magnum

In order to enter the giveaway you MUST BE 18+ because of the sex toys.

You must be following me (Im trying to rebuild myself as advice/feminist education/sex education and want to help as many people as possible)

Must Reblog so I can keep track. You can reblog as many times as you like

Winner will be chosen at random using random.org

Contest is open internationally.

Contest ends August 1st


idea: don’t make fun of trans girls’ appearances because that is a fucking disgusting thing to do


Practice with Pronouns is a site that lets you practise subject, object, possessive, and reflexive forms of English third person pronouns. It comes with a few of the most common options, but you can also fill in whatever pronouns you like. Useful for both English learners and people wanting to practise using nonbinary pronouns.  

As if it couldn’t get any more delightful, it often uses quotes from Welcome to Night Vale in the practice sentences, which is definitely far more entertaining than See Spot Run. The feedback sentences are also very cute. 

(Hm, I’m pretty sure the second blank in that screenshot should have said “xyr”, in retrospect.)


gir L S„., weAER sHortS???? In SuMMER?????.„,.  nO „„, BaD,. , too Porno gRaphic „ m i g/ht distraCt boys„ , . mus T punISh girls„,. how Dare thEy have lEGs., .????